Crossing Dialogues
Association for intercultural and interdisciplinary dialogues

The association intends to work in the following fields:

  • Activities pointed at supporting and helping the development of mental, physical and social autonomy of disadvantaged people. Their deprivation can be due to physical, mental, familiar, social and/or cultural reasons.
  • Informative activities for the whole population or parts of it: they aim at promoting the health, fighting the stigmatization and integrating social groups or single persons who are in disadvantaged situations and risk to be ostracized.
  • Training activities addressed to health workers who look after disadvantaged people both in the professional and specialized fields (for example, in the social health, educational and rehabilitation fields).
  • Promotion of research activities turned to encourage the development and integration of social, humanistic and scientific knowledge . These activities will be realized in oder to improve the quality of global welfare for disadvantaged subjects overcoming barriers located by partial and specialistic points of view.

If you want to be updated on the association’s activities, you can send an email or contact us via Facebook.

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