Dialogues in Philosophy
Mental and Neuro Sciences

Dialogues in Philosophy, Mental and Neuro Sciences

The official journal of Crossing Dialogues

Editor-in-Chief (Direttore Responsabile):
Massimiliano Aragona
Psychiatrist, psychotherapist and philosopher
Sapienza University, Rome, Italy

Editorial Board

Alessia Pizzimenti
Psychologist, family psychotherapist
President of the Association Crossing Dialogues, Rome, Italy

Cecilia Volpi
Psychologist, cognitive post-rationalist psychotherapist
President of the School of Psychotherapy ATC, Cagliari, Italy

Massimo Esposito
Psychologist, cognitive post-rationalist psychotherapist
Association of Cognitive Therapy, Rome, Italy

Carmine Di Gesù
Psychologist, psychodynamic psychotherapist
Member of the Italian Association of the Magistrates for the Minor Age and the Family

Marco Mazzetti
Psychiatrist, paediatrician, ethnopsychiatrist
Center for Psychology and Transactional Analysis, Milan, Italy

Francesco Colosimo
Psychiatrist, transactional psychotherapist
Department of Mental Health, Rome, Italy

Maria Stella Signoriello
Cognitive scientist
University of Messina, Italy

Adele Morrone
Philosopher of science
Sapienza university, Rome, Italy

Editorial Assistant: Ilana Bahbout

Editing: Daniela Cardillo

Email: editor@crossingdialogues.com

Office of the Editor: Via Trapani, 20 – 00161 Rome, Italy

ISSN: 2035-0031

Aut. Trib. Roma n. 183 del 2 maggio 2008

ROC (Registro Operatori di Comunicazione): n. iscrizione 19576

Published by Associazione Crossing Dialogues
Rome – Italy